The Africa Fashion and Textile Accelerator Network (Africa FAN) invites interested European and US-based textiles and apparel (T&A) brands and retailers to​ join a business journey to Accra to meet new business partners and expand their sourcing opportunities.

We offer:

  • Benefit from customized schedule and meetings with local suppliers producing T-shirts, polo-shirts and uniforms among others with a strong focus on ethical and sustainable manufacturing
  • Meet with Ghanaian industry stakeholders
  • Sponsored trip to visit T&A manufacturers in Accra including flight, accommodation and transportation

Why sourcing T&A from Ghana?

  • Duty free access to US & EU
  • Fast-growing, manufacturing apparel hub with average transit times to EU between 14-22 days
  • A large, affordable workforce, a politically stable & investor-friendly environment
  • Home to one of West Africa’s largest ports, Tema, which is currently being upgraded to handle 3.5 million TEU’s


If interested, please contact